5 Tips to Manage your Payroll Effectively

Payroll is a core function of any business, no matter the size. If you are not effectively managing your businesses payroll, it can cause some major issues. Payroll is not only a core function for a business, but it’s also vital for maintaining employee morale and confidence. If your employees are not paid correctly and on time, it will likely negatively impact employee retention.


If you are unsure of how to manage payroll effectively, you are not alone. Many businesses struggle with this function and are unsure of the best ways to manage their payroll. Here are 5 tips to help you manage your payroll:


1. Get organised

When it comes to payroll, organisation is key. The more organised you are with your payroll documents, the easier your payroll tasks will be to complete. This is where a payroll calendar can come in handy. A payroll calendar will help you keep track of all important dates, reminding you of all your deadlines. An effective payroll calendar will help plan and reduce stress.


2. Ensure payroll staff are trained

Effectively managing payroll is not as simple as you may think, it can often be an extremely difficult task and there is a certain level of skill and knowledge that is required. It is, therefore, essential that your payroll team have undergone the necessary training. Furthermore, new technologies are constantly being developed, so it’s important that your payroll staff are keeping up to date with the relevant technology. It’s also important for payroll staff to attend regular conferences or training sessions so they can learn about improving your company’s payroll process.


3. Stay up to date with the relevant payroll regulation

Legislation relating to payroll is constantly evolving, and in order to avoid any penalties or legal issues, you should always ensure that you are up to date with all payroll legislation. Penalties and other non-compliance issues have the potential to hamper the growth of your business and become an enormous headache for a business owner.


4. Get the right software

Technology has made payroll processing easier to manage. The advances in technology have made payroll much easier to manage. Nowadays, payroll software can handle anything from time-tracking, forms, employee time off, and much more. The trick is, however, to choose the right software for your business.


5. Outsource your payroll

Managing your own payroll can be stressful. If handling your own payroll is not working for you, then you can also try outsourcing your payroll. By outsourcing this function to a trusted outsourced partner like Open Books, you will gain access to payroll experts who have extensive knowledge in payroll and payroll software. Check out our blog to discover the benefits of outsourcing your payroll.

By utilising an outsourced payroll partner, your payroll will be seamless. Ready to start outsourcing your payroll? Get in touch with Open Books today!